World Cup 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Final

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France V. Croatia

Game Info.


Sunday, July 15th @ 11 AM Eastern Standard Time

How to Watch

The NBC Sports App, Reddit Streams, FOX, Pretty much any big news outlet will have it on.


Luzhniki Stadium, Moskva, Russia.

How WE Got here

Les Bleus


Shot-conversion rate for France this World Cup. 


Number of clean sheets the French team has maintained in the tournament so far. 


The average age of France’s squad. Tied for second youngest at the World Cup.


  • Extremely dynamic/adaptive team
  • Mbappe
  • Lloris has been incredible in goal
  • Smart in possession. Can hold when they need to but also control rather than maintain


  • The back and forth of Pogba/Kante can be a liability
  • Matuidi injured could prove to be very important
  • Content with giving opponent possession at times (not a lot of defensive urgency in place of control)

The Blazers


Average possession held each game by Croatia.


The number of miles ran by this team in the tournament, the most by far.


Straight games they’ve conceded first, and come back to win.


  • Absolutely Tireless
  • Luca Modric and Ivan Rakitic
  • Dalic allows free-flowing offense (playing with urgency but not panic vs. possess and defend)
  • Get better as game progresses


  • Lovren likes to foul
  • Gives up easy chances early on in the game, likely to go down a goal early
  • Leaves defenders vulnerable for counter
  • Mandzukic is good, but no out-and-out goal scorer has been established

“What our players did today, the strength they’ve shown, the stamina, the energy levels. I wanted to substitute but no one wanted to be subbed, everybody kept saying ‘I’m ready, I can run on’,” he said.

– Zlatko Dalic , Croatia Head Coach after beating England


I think that each of these teams bring incredible talent to the pitch. France, with its tenacity, can beat any team in the world. Croatia, with its undying energy and will, has established itself as a team to be feared. Give them some time and they will put a couple goals away.

France needs to be wary of that. On paper France should roll over Croatia, but Croatia had a 3% chance of making it here so “on paper” doesn’t really apply to them.

Giving them a little over 3 days rest to reset and recuperate will do Croatia some good. I think we’ll see a fantastic World Cup final.

Prediction: France 3 – Croatia 2 AET