About Us

About The Real Good Soccer Site…

Just a few guys who are trying to take a passion for the game beyond the pitch. While none of us are holding our breath for the USMNT call-up, we’ll be sure to have the boots at-the-ready if the time comes. We’ve also got a team pup..shown here.

Here at The Real Good Soccer Site, we try and cover more than just what’s happening in the game in the moment. Transfer rumors, coaching changes, and the scheduled start of the season aside, we like to focus on the more granular aspects.

Why is the 3-back seemingly making a resurgence in the English Premier League? How is FIFA going to decide which, if any, of the 2026 World Cup host nations are going to get an automatic bid? 

The things that are beyond the pitch. We had a number of potential names for the site; things like “The IR Report,” “Training Camp Heroes,” or “Sideliners.” If you can’t tell, we were really hitting home on the “bench player” aspect. But what we realized, is that we’re just going to be a really good soccer site. And that’s where we landed. 

Meet the team

Pat Craig

 I make most of the featured artwork on the site, and my articles focus on the business and economic impact Soccer has around the World.

From Southern New Jersey,  and went to school out in Pittsburgh. Played in Goal during my Soccering days, and I am still a Swansea fan (we’ll get em next year)



Matt Voggel

I do a lot of the web design here on The Really Good Soccer Site. If you read any of my work you’ll notice I’m a Chelsea F.C. fan, but I’ll try and stay objective. 

I grew up in Syracuse, NY, before heading to Pittsburgh for college, and a subsequent job in Digital Advertising oddly enough. I’ve been playing the game since I could walk – anywhere on the outside – and have made sure to find means to do so even after hanging up the competitive boots. 




Brendan McAdams

Lover of scarves. Liverpool fan by trade, but also from Boston. I’ve had a lot of concussions and that’s why I never made it pro.

Will be giving some serious insight into what it’s like being an EPL fan, while also showing off my headband and scarves.